Investor Testimonials

"Not only does investiere consistently come up with interesting deals, but a key differentiator is that they act so much faster than mere angel groups, who often take forever to move the investment process forward, even once they finally agreed to invest in a company. investiere is a true asset to the Swiss startup ecosystem, for entrepreneurs AND investors."

Lucian Wagner, Angel Investor and Attolight Board Member

"With investiere, taking the lead for an investment round is a true pleasure. The team was very supportive and the financing process via the platform was smooth and hassle-free. To sum it up: investiere provides a truly professional service."

Joachim Schoss, Founder Scout24 and Lead Investor iMusician

"We were pleasantly surprised with the reach of the investiere platform and the efficient and effective process which led to a successful round in a very short timeframe. This is a great achievement considering that we are the first UK-based company on the platform. The amount we raised through investiere exceeded our expectations by more than double of the objective we had initially foreseen. Moreover, we experienced a very professional due diligence process which was beneficial for the company as well as for the proprietary investors."

Karl Landert, Former CIO of Novartis and Credit Suisse and Lead Investor Clinpal

"Thanks to investiere's pre-selection and facilitated online investment process, I have been able to build up a solid and diversified portfolio of startup investments. The access to relevant documentation with the necessary facts & figures helps to focus mainly on the investment decision."

Pia Spielhofer, Angel Investor and investiere Shareholder

"As the lead-investor in 3BaysOver’s angel round, I liked the professionalism and network of the investiere team. I look forward to cooperate with investiere again in the future"

Roland Zeller, Angel Investor and Founder of

“I believe that investiere is uniquely positioned to become the leading European online startup investment platform. Their start up selection and due diligence process is unique and comprehensive, providing an additional layer of protection to investors.”

Alexander Fries, President of Ecosystem Ventures